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Cape Cosmos is a fictitious space facility, set in the 1950’s and 60’s. It’s a busy place, with engineers, mathematicians, scientists and astronauts getting set for a big launch into outer space. While the space station is fictional, the people you’ll meet here are real.


This website tells the story of the triumphs and disappointments of women and African Americans involved in the early space program whose courage, determination and passion for discovery made them pioneers in every sense of the word.


Part of a huge, complex team dedicated to the exciting mission of space exploration, these pioneers participated in many space “firsts.” One helped design the rocket that put the first men on the moon. Another developed the first operating systems used onboard satellites, systems that were the foundation for all subsequent unmanned space exploration. Yet another spearheaded the development of the Hubble, the extraordinary telescope that has given us unimaginable knowledge our universe.


At the same time they were making these remarkable achievements, these people were making “firsts” in a society that was extremely different than what we know today.


Join astronaut Mae Jemison as she takes you back in time. You’ll find videos of the pioneers, games to play, and challenges to meet. Explore Cape Cosmos, and send a rocket to the moon.


Cape Cosmos was created as part of the project called Out of This World. This is a project that includes radio documentaries and museum events. It’s supported in part by the National Science Foundation. To find out more, visit